About Monkey Talk:

Monkey Talk is an open source tool for automating the scenarios, and one of most popular mobile app testing tools around. Monkey Talk automates real, functional interactive tests for iOS and Android apps. Native, mobile, and hybrid app, real devices or simulators. Recorded user actions can be shown in 3 different views i.e. Table View, Monkey Talk & JavaScript.

Monkey Talk vs. Robotium:

Robotium is the leading open source Android test automation framework. Robotium was first released in January 2010 and has been adding more features and improving itself. It supports native and hybrid android apps. Robotium recorder is an Eclipse plugin that works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. In comparison to Monkey talk, it has less versatility as monkey talk supports iOS and Android.

Monkey Talk vs. Appium:

Appium is an open source tool for automating native, mobile web and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. Appium supports safari on iOS and Chrome or the native browser for automating the web apps. Importantly, Appium is “cross-platform”: it allows you to write tests against multiple platforms (iOS, Android), using the same API. This enables code reuse between iOS and Android test suites.

Do you prefer any other tools other than Monkey Talk? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Reference : http://iamdanielkim.tistory.com/47

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