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Introduction to Fit

  • Great software requires collaboration and communication.
  • During development, how can customers know that their programmers are producing the right thing? 
  • How can programmers know what the customers really want? 
  • How can testers know what's right and what's wrong? 
  • Getting these groups to communicate effectively and precisely should be a goal for teams creating great software.
  • Fit is a tool for enhancing communication and collaboration. 
  • Fit creates a feedback loop between customers and programmers. 
  • Fit allows customers and testers to use tools like Microsoft Office to give examples of how a program should behave--without being programmers themselves. 
  • Fit automatically checks those examples against the actual program, thus building a simple and powerful bridge between the business and software engineering worlds.


  • Requirement are written with example tables.

  • The tables are really tests.

  • Writing test as a table is an interesting paradigm

  • Some tests naturally fit into tables

  • Some tests require thought to put them in the form of a table


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