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Setup Project

Built-in project templates
Provides project templates for organizing test cases, object repository and keywords

Web, mobile, API testing
Fully supports Web, Android, iOS and API testing on all operating systems

SDLC integration
Easy to integrate with Jenkins, GIT, JIRA, andqTest with native plugins

Create Tests

Generate tests automatically
Records actions on Web & Mobile to generates scripts with hundreds of built-in keywords

Dual editor interface
Builds advanced scripts with IDE or customize steps with tabular interface easily

Code assist utilities
Useful built-in object spy, code completion, in context reference, refactoring helper to make scripting more enjoyable

Execute Tests

A powerful test execution mechanism
Runs/Debug test cases or test suites using multiple configurations and data sets

Flexible execution engine
Runs test at any step on multiple browsers and devices locally or with cloud services

CI/CD readiness
CLI and command line generator enable CI/CD and DevOps practices

Dynamic failure handling and auto re-execution
Includes run-time rules to automatically handle complex execution flows

Report and Debug

Multiple report formats
With advanced logging, debug data, screenshots and videos

Customizable execution workflow
Customizable post execution workflow to notify, submit bug or process the execution results

Intelligent reports with Katalon Analytics
Dashboards, flaky metrics and coverage execution results to improve automation strategy

Test Maintenance

Test object maintenance
Automatically updates all associated test cases and suites when objects are changed

Test organization
Allows easy management and maintenance of tests, data and keywords

Extendable automation capability
Imports external libraries to improve the automation functions beyond Selenium and Appium limit

Supported Automation Test Solutions and Technology Matrix

Keyword-Driven Testing

Prebuilt with hundreds of keywords cover both web, mobile and API testing

Data-Driven Testing

Support dynamic datasource via CSV, Excel and DBs or using Katalon Studio test data management

TDD/BDD Testing

Compose any Feature files using JIRA add-on and sync to Katalon Studio, assisting users to automate the scenario easily

API Testing

Support REST and SOAP in combination with functional automation to perform end-to-end testing

Page Object Model

Scalable POM implementation with Test Object Repository and Custom Keywords to increase the maintainability and reusability

Test Management

Test cases can be stored in flexible folder structure. Test artifacts and keywords are managed automatically to maximize reusability

Test Case Recording

Generate automated test case on any modern browsers and mobile OS using Katalon Recording Utility

Advanced Scripting

Dual scripting editor with tabular and IDE interfaces equipped with code highlight, code completion, snippets and debug mode

Cross-browser Testing

Test suite can be configured to run on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge and Headless browsers

Parallel Execution

Test suite can be executed on multiple browsers or devices locally or via cloud services like SauceLabs, BrowserStack and Kobiton


Execution result includes detailed logs, screenshots and videos

Extension & Customization

Users can build custom keywords or import external libraries (Sikuli, Galen) to extend the capability of the framework

SDLC Integrations

Native integrations with Git, qTest Manager, JIRA, Slack, Emails let users embed Katalon Studio into project workflows

CI Integration

Support command line interface, CI integration via JUnit format report and Docker image

Advanced Reports

Katalon Analytics with historical and quality reports. Execution results can be exported in multiple formats

Supported Technologies

Supported modern web technologies like HTML5, Shadow DOM, Angular, etc. and latest OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS



capabilities.setCapability("unicodeKeyboard", true);

추가하면 한글 입력 가능

maven project를 git repository로 만들고 싶으면 

Eclipse > Project > Team > Share로 접근해서 git repository를 생성하고

git remote add origin git@IP:sunghwan.cho/AutoTest.git

로 remote repository를 add 해주고 push 해주면 된다.

이전 버전 selenium chrome driver 사용 시에 

org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: session not created exception

Error가 발생할 수도 있다.

이때 최신 버전을 chrome driver를 설치해주면 정상적으로 된다.

moveToElement는 해당 Element의 top-left를 0,0으로 계산해서 이동시켜준다.

Actions operation = new Actions(driver);

WebElement vportIn = driver.findElement(By.id("vport-ns-in"));

WebElement vportOut = driver.findElement(By.id("vport-ns-out"));

int vportInWidth = vportIn.getSize().getWidth();

System.out.println("size of port-in : " + vportInWidth);

int vportInHeight = (vportIn.getSize().getHeight())/2;

System.out.println("size of port-in : " + vportInHeight);

int vportOutHeight = (vportIn.getSize().getHeight())/2;

System.out.println("size of port-out : " + vportOutHeight);



  • Selendroid is a test automation framework which drivers off the UI of Android native and hybrid applications and the mobile web.
  • Tests are written using the WebDriver client API.
  • Selendroid can be used on emulators and real devices and can be integrated as a node the Selenium Grid for scaling and parallel testing.


  • Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native and hybrid mobile apps.
  • It drives IOS and Android apps using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Appium does not require including SDK or recompiling your application.

Selendroid vs Appium

Supported PlatformsAndroid OnlyIOS, Android, FirefoxOS(Dev Staging)
Mobile Apps SupportNative, Hybrid & Mobile WebNative, Hybrid, Mobile Web & Web
User Agent TestingXO
Cross PlatformXO
Real DeviceOO
Cloud Based TestingOO
Selenium Grid ImplementationOO
System Requirment
  1. Selendroid is tested to run on Mac, Linux and Windows/
  2. Java sdk(minium 1.6) is installed and JAVA_HOME is configured.
  3. Latest Android-SDK is installed and ANDROID_HOME is set. 


Mac OS X 10.7+

XCode 4.5+w/ Command Line Tools


Mac OS X 10.7+ or Windows 7+ or Linux

Android SDK >= 16(SDK < 16 in Selendroid mode)


'QA > Test Automation' 카테고리의 다른 글

org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: session not created exception  (0) 2016.12.05
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Monkey Talk  (0) 2016.03.30
Swapy-ob For UI Automation  (0) 2016.02.17
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About Monkey Talk:

Monkey Talk is an open source tool for automating the scenarios, and one of most popular mobile app testing tools around. Monkey Talk automates real, functional interactive tests for iOS and Android apps. Native, mobile, and hybrid app, real devices or simulators. Recorded user actions can be shown in 3 different views i.e. Table View, Monkey Talk & JavaScript.

Monkey Talk vs. Robotium:

Robotium is the leading open source Android test automation framework. Robotium was first released in January 2010 and has been adding more features and improving itself. It supports native and hybrid android apps. Robotium recorder is an Eclipse plugin that works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. In comparison to Monkey talk, it has less versatility as monkey talk supports iOS and Android.

Monkey Talk vs. Appium:

Appium is an open source tool for automating native, mobile web and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. Appium supports safari on iOS and Chrome or the native browser for automating the web apps. Importantly, Appium is “cross-platform”: it allows you to write tests against multiple platforms (iOS, Android), using the same API. This enables code reuse between iOS and Android test suites.

Do you prefer any other tools other than Monkey Talk? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Reference : http://iamdanielkim.tistory.com/47

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Selenium point to point link  (0) 2016.07.12
Selendroid vs Appinum  (0) 2016.03.30
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PyWinAuto For UI Automation  (0) 2016.02.17
AutoIT For UI Automation  (0) 2016.02.17


Swapy-ob is a tool for GUI Automation for Windows. Finally you will get native python code for pywinauto module.

Automate in 3 steps:

  1. Select a control.
  2. Choose action by right-click.
  3. Get native python code.

I think...

Window Application에 특화된 Tool 임. Web Automation에 적합하지 않음. 

Web Element 찾기도 쉽지 않음


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Selendroid vs Appinum  (0) 2016.03.30
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Swapy-ob For UI Automation  (0) 2016.02.17
PyWinAuto For UI Automation  (0) 2016.02.17
AutoIT For UI Automation  (0) 2016.02.17
Sikuli For UI Automation  (0) 2016.02.17

What is PywinAuto?

 - URL : http://pywinauto.googlecode.com/hg/pywinauto/docs/index.html

 - pywinauto is a set of python modules to automate the Microsoft Windows GUI. At it’s simplest it allows you to send mouse and keyboard actions to windows dialogs and controls.

 - Window의 GUI에 접근하여 마우스,키보드 작업을 자동화할 수 있는 라이브러리이다. 임의의 창을 특정하거나, (없으면 실행하는 것도 가능하다) 창의 모듈을 특정하여 키 입력이나 마우스 입력을 전달하여 사용자가 미리 정의한대로 작업을 자동화하는 것이 가능하


Install Python 2.7

Source  : http://sourceforge.net/projects/pywinauto/

pywinauto 에서는 win32의 Sendkeys 함수를 이용하는데 그것의 Wrapping python 모듈이 필요함


환경변수 추가

Path : C:\Python27

pywinauto 모듈 소스가 있는 곳에 가서 설치 


> python setup.py install

마찬가지로 sendkeys-ctypes-0.2.zip 도 풀어 설치


> python setup.py install

Sample Code

from pywinauto.application import Application

#app = Application.start("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe")
app = Application.start("C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe")

Some similar tools for comparison

I think...

Tool 자체가 Web이 아닌 Window에 특화되어 있다는 느낌을 받음

Home Page에 추천하는 툴로 이전에 사용하던 AutoIt이 있어서 적용해볼 예정


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